Worker's Compensation

We have four partners with over 50 years of combined workers’ compensation experience.  Partner Rob Bullock is a frequent speaker throughout the State of Missouri regarding workers’ compensation claims.

We have represented employers involved in diverse industries, including temporary services, trucking, manufacturing, and retail.

Our claims experience representing employers and insurers is diverse, and has included occupational diseases, amputations, fatalities, neuropathic injuries, and numerous other traumatic injury claims.  Several of our cases have involved contract disputes regarding the responsibility of an employer for actions of an employee as a volunteer, or while involved in other activities that have been determined to be outside the course and scope of employment.  We have handled many claims in which the claimant alleges permanent total disability.  A sampling of the cases we have been involved in is below.
  • Taylor v. Penmac Personnel, 2013 MOWCLR LEXIS 76 (05/16/13)
    Employee claimed back injury while a passenger in a motor vehicle.
  • McGuire v. Christian Cty. Sheriff’s Dept., 2013 MOWCLR LEXIS 73 (04/24/13)
    Deputy sheriff claimed injury while on patrol duties at a baseball park.
  • Olson v. Bass Pro, 2009 MOWCLR LEXIS 182 (11/3/09)
    Employee alleged development of reflex sympathetic dystrophy following a wrist injury.
  • Cox v. City of Springfield, 1996 MOWCLR LEXIS 65 (06/19/94)
    Claim for injury while volunteering for a public service announcement.